This Weekender Breakfast recipe is a basic simple breakfast that anyone could cook. If you are looking for something different for yourself or just to impress a guest then you cannot go past this weekender breakfast, and no it doesn’t have to be served on a weekend. Enjoy!


2 eggs
2 rashes bacon
2 chipolata sausages
1 tomato
1 large field mushroom
Seasonings (salt and pepper)
2 thick slices Ciabatta bread or Sourdough bread
Garnish – fresh parsley, fresh rocket, fresh dill, etc.


Fry all ingredients in butter and oil until soft and cooked. Toast the Ciabatta and top with the cooked eggs, tomato, bacon, mushrooms, and sausages. Season and garnish.


You can use any type of bread to toast and it can be buttered

Any type of sausage will do if Chipolata is not available

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