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Salmon Patties with Aioli

What you can do with tinned Salmon? Salmon Patties with Aioli is an easy recipe to make when short of time. We all have tins of food in our pantry that we think that we will use one day, but… Continue Reading →

Low-GI Lentil Patties & Roasted Tomatoes

I got this Low-GI Lentil Patties recipe off the internet about 5 years ago now. I know that I have posted a few “Bean Burger” recipes but I have a lot more too. These recipes are handy to have if… Continue Reading →

Cashew and Lentil Patties

Cashew and Lentil Patties Recipe Yes! Another Vegetarian Burger Recipe..This time it’s the Cashew and Lentil Burger Recipe. This recipe is a bit less complicated than some of the others. There are less ingredients, but I still tend to bowl… Continue Reading →

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