Chicken Cacciatore with Rice

Chicken Cacciatore

A super easy to prepare recipe:

Chicken Cacciatore

This Chicken Cacciatore recipe is so easy to prepare it is not funny. Just put all of the ingredients into the casserole dish and into the oven. That’s it, easy as. Great as a standby meal and easy on the pocket. You can also substitute the vegetables for what you have on hand. A great way to use left overs, it may not be an authentic Chicken Cacciatore but that doesn’t really matter when you are in a hurry, does it? Enjoy!

Serves 4


1kg chicken drumsticks
810g can crushed tomatoes
80g pitted Kalamata olives
100g sliced mushrooms
parsley for garnish
1 chopped onion
400g long grain rice for serving
Salt and pepper to season


Combine drumsticks, tomatoes, olives, onions ad mushrooms in a casserole dish.
Season then cover.
Place in oven on low heat and cook for approximately 1 hour, or until chicken is falling off the bone.
Serve over cooked rice and garnish with roughly chopped parsley.


Season drumsticks with salt the night before.
Can be reheated the next day.

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