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White Chocolate Mousse with Blueberry Compote

This White Chocolate Mousse with Blueberry Compote recipe is a decadent dessert. The Mousse can be fiddly to prepare, however well worth the effort. It is similar to the way that I make my Dark Chocolate Mousse which means the… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Truffles

Although this recipe is called Chocolate Truffles there is another recipe named the same however the ingredients are different to this Chocolate Truffles recipe. As you will see this recipe has chocolate as one of the main ingredients and is… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Truffles

This Chocolate Truffles recipe is probably named as such because they are really Chocolate Rum Balls but without the Rum. Most of the ingredients are the same with the exception of vanilla essence, and they are still covered in desiccated… Continue Reading →

White Chocolate Truffle Tarts

WHITE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE TARTS This is a decadent dessert for anyone wanting to make something that little bit special. I have had this recipe for 14 years now and although I don’t make it as often as I should it… Continue Reading →

French Strawberry Flans

A French Strawberry Flans Recipe These French Strawberry Flans are not the easiest to make. This is because there is the pastry base, the filling, and the glaze. The recipe consists of a few ingredients and some mixer and pan… Continue Reading →

Loukoumathes / Greek Honey Puffs

These Loukoumathes are also called Greek Honey Puffs. These sweet syrupy fried donuts remind me of Fritolli. Not only that, but these are also called Loukoumades as I discovered when doing some research. They are a bit fiddly to prepare… Continue Reading →

Italian Tiramisu

I just love this Italian Tiramisu recipe. It is one of my favorite desserts. It’s not something that you would make often so when you have the chance to taste it, it’s special. I have to be honest, it is… Continue Reading →

Triple Choc Brownies

Who doesn’t love a chocolate Brownie! Anything with Chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser. I love these Triple Choc Brownies, they are quite easy to make and bake. Lovely heated with some cream or straight out of the oven with ice-cream…. Continue Reading →

Crisp-Topped Vanilla Cake

This Crisp-Topped Vanilla Cake is quite unusual. I have never seen another recipe for this cake. When I did some research I found that the only recipe which had Crisp in the heading was an apple cake. So this one… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Ripple Cake

CHOCOLATE RIPPLE CAKE Serves 15 The Chocolate Ripple Cake is an Aussie classic. Extremely easy to make, or rather put together. An ideal introduction to recipes for the kids. You can also be a bit adventurous and experiment too. I… Continue Reading →

Steamed Christmas Pudding in a Cloth

Steamed Christmas Pudding in a Cloth Who doesn’t love a Steamed Christmas Pudding in a cloth for dessert at Christmas? I know it’s not Christmas yet, but it’s not far away. Christmas items are already appearing on the shelves at… Continue Reading →

Frozen Berry Yoghurt

A Frozen Berry Yoghurt Treat This recipe is a tad over 20 years old. It’s a bit deceiving as it’s a yoghurt recipe made with yoghurt. However, I think this makes it easier to make. Being yoghurt based, at least… Continue Reading →

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