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Spicy Gingerbread

An alternative Gingerbread recipe Gingerbread is synonymous with Christmas, after all, who hasn’t made a Gingerbread House? Well if you cannot be bothered with Gingerbread houses then this Spicy Gingerbread recipe will suit. This recipe is quite simple to make… Continue Reading →

Banana Bread Recipe

This moist quick Banana bread recipe was found on Saveur. They credit the recipe to the mother of Ben Mims, food editor, so it is quite appropriate. I have not tried this recipe yet, however it is on my ever-growing… Continue Reading →

Vanilla Cakes with Raspberries and Cream

Vanilla Cakes with Raspberries and Cream is an old fashioned recipe but easy to make. This recipe suits beginners however I think that the kids could help you with this one. This is a simple cupcake recipe that is modified… Continue Reading →

Sponge Kiss

Makes 12 This Sponge Kiss recipe is less complicated version of my Sponge Kisses recipe which is more difficult in its method. I would advise you to try this one first as it is simple to make and the ingredients… Continue Reading →

Banana Bread

I have looked high and low for a moist banana bread/cake recipe for years. I have tried a few which always promise to be moist but the results are varied. In fact, I still have those recipes, there is the… Continue Reading →

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