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Sweet Corn Fritters with Bacon

A Sweet Corn Fritters with Bacon Recipe This Sweet Corn Fritters with Bacon Recipe is quite quick and easy to make as there are not that many ingredients. The method is easy and ideal for beginners or even children with… Continue Reading →

Weekender Breakfast

This Weekender Breakfast recipe is a basic simple breakfast that anyone could cook. If you are looking for something different for yourself or just to impress a guest then you cannot go past this weekender breakfast, and no it doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Zucchini Rosti Topped with Salmon and Poached Eggs

A Rosti For Breakfast Anyone? This is the perfect breakfast treat, a bit more lux than the usual eggs on toast. I copied this recipe for the Zucchini Rosti. This makes a change from the usual Potato Rosti, even though… Continue Reading →

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