Almond Finger Biscuits

Almond Fingers

Anyone fancy a biscuit? What about Almond Fingers?

Apparently Almond Finger recipes can be found all over the internet. News to me! I just uncovered a couple of pages of biscuit recipes from a Woman’s Magazine dated 1963. So these Almond Fingers have been around for a while. I have spotted them at the supermarket but I don’t usually buy biscuits and cakes from there. So there you go, I have never tasted them. This will not be the last of the biscuit recipes from 1963… there are more to come. Hopefully I can get cooking so I can put up some photos. Meanwhile if you get the chance, they are quite easy to make. Good luck.


4 oz butter
2 oz sugar
1 egg yolk
8 oz self-raising flour
pinch salt,
1 cup chopped almonds


1 egg white
4 oz pure icing sugar


Sift together flour and salt
Cream the butter and sugar
Add egg yolk and beat well, add sifted flour and mix to a firm dough
Roll out to ¼ inch thickness
Cut into shapes 3 inches x 1½ inches
Spread icing on biscuits and sprinkle with the chopped almonds
Place on a greased biscuit tray
Bake in a moderate oven for 10 minutes


Beat egg white well with icing sugar


Using baking paper to line the tray
Allow to cool on a rack
When cold place into an air tight container
Yes you read the recipe right, the icing goes on before they are baked
Use the conversion table to convert ounces to grams (this recipe is 51 years old)
I used a stock photo to depict the finished product as I am yet to bake these


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