Cooking at Joy’s is inspired by a collection of old recipes that have been hoarded over the years. Some of the recipes are only a decade old yet others would be 100 years old being passed down the family. I have also added recipes that I have found around the internet and in papers and magazines. One can never really have enough recipes!

No matter how old the recipe, I am sure that there are ones that you have heard of before, probably an old favorite that you have forgotten about over the years. There are probably others that you have never heard of but have been inspired to make.

I am sure that you will find something to reinvigorate your love of cooking or perhaps tempt you to try something different. No matter what your skill, you are sure to find something to challenge your creativity.

I have also made the recipes easy to read, sometimes at the expense of pictures but when I want a recipe I do not want to scroll through tons of pictures. If you do make one of these recipes, please send me pictures and I can add them to the Facebook page.