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Month February 2016

French Strawberry Flans

FRENCH STRAWBERRY FLANS These French Strawberry Flans are not the easiest recipe to make, but they are worth the effort. I love tarts but can usually only find them at my local bakery. It’s not often that you visit someone… Continue Reading →

Loukoumathes / Greek Honey Puffs

These Loukoumathes are also called Greek Honey Puffs. These sweet syrupy fried donuts remind me of Fritolli. Not only that, but these are also called Loukoumades as I discovered when doing some research. They are a bit fiddly to prepare… Continue Reading →

Italian Tiramisu

I just love this Italian Tiramisu recipe. It is one of my favorite desserts. It’s not something that you would make often so when you have the chance to taste it, it’s special. I have to be honest, it is… Continue Reading →

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